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UK -based Nigerian Accuses Police Accuses Police Officer Of Alleged Extortion

A Nigerian  Medical doctor.based in theUnited Kingdom, Dr. Chinwike Oke-Nwosu has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 13, Zonal Police Command, Anambra State, over an alleged unprofessional conduct by an , Assistant Superintendent of Police , ASP  Famous Ali.

He accused the police officer of extortion ,adding that when he failed to meet up with the demand, the former allegedly tried to send him to jail over a trump -up charges.

Dr. Oke-Nwosu in the petition  through his counsel, Mr Justice Oguguo urged the AIG to use his good office to investigate the complaint and bring the police officer and the suspect he lodged complaint against, to book.

Dr. Oke-Nwosu stated that  started facing the alleged ill treatment from  the Assistant Superintendent of Police attached to Zone 13, when he  protested the use of the only access way to his building in the Amawbia community as a petroleum depot

He alleged that the owner of the depot demolished his barbed wire walls last October and further threatened him with a Pump Action Gun.

The matter according to him was reported at the Zone 13 command, consequent upon which the owner of the depot was arrested but immediately released on bail.

Oke-Nwosu  further alleged that the Investigation Police Officer assigned to look into the matter, especially the use of a gun to threaten him,  compromised because he did not give him(policeman ) the sum of  N300,000 demanded for ,as mobilization fee.

He said, “ When  I could not afford the N300,000 demanded by ASP Ali, he  compromised the investigation and told me  that he had conducted private investigation and discovered that the unlicensed Pump Action gun owned by owner of the petroleum depot,  belongs to the Town’s Vigilante and that  he was told that my  damaged wall fence was done by him.

“He unprofessionally went to arrest   the suspect  without a search warrant thereby deliberately refusing to search  his  apartment. Ali (policeman) collected N35,000  (showing   evidence of the withdrawal) from me.

” He came back  to me saying  he had  pleaded with the suspect to sell the small portion of land used for the illegal petroleum product  to me for N150,000.00 , together with the one room bungalow on it.

“ When all efforts to defraud and extort me  failed,  Ali turned  hostile and  openly conspired with the suspect to extricate him from investigation. Till date, investigation in the matter is still pending without result”, the medical doctor lamented.

Meanwhile, when owner of the depot , Mr Nwosu Tochukwu was contacted, he described the allegations  against him as untrue.

Tochukwu  said, “ Can you build a petroleum depot inside your house? Does he know what a filling station is , talk more of a petroleum depot?

“All the allegations are false. I have been in court for five to six cases with him, over these false allegations.

Also reacting to the allegation of threatening Oke-Nwosu with a weapon  , he said, “ I have said  there is nothing like that. He reported to the AIG zone 13 and I was arrested around 4am on  December 18, 2021 . The Police came searching but did not find anything incriminating

“I am the chairman of the community, and as such,  I am the number one security officer in the village .

“He was arrested for  false allegations , coupled with the  hired assassins  he brought to kill me.  I have evidence of the thugs he sent to kill me.  But he ran to the DPP to sideline the case”.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, zone 13, Nkiruka Nwode  however said  she was not aware of the matter, informing that she just arrived in the country the previous day.

She said, “ I cannot react to  it please. You can send the person to come and see me”.

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