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Police Recommends Chief Owonla For prosecution Over Alleged Impersonation, Trespassing

A recently disclosed document from the Legal Department of the police has disclosed that Chief Moroof Owonla, popularly known as KAKA, who filed a complaint in an alleged case of land grabbing, is now facing potential charges of criminal trespass, impersonation, and conduct likely to cause a breach of trust.

The document reveals that despite the completion of the investigation and the subsequent charging of the arrested suspects in court, the complainant failed to appear for trial and has been evading law enforcement.

Additionally, the document clears Alhaji Hassan Alli, who was initially listed as one of the suspects, of any criminal wrongdoing in the disputed land case.

This certified copy of the police investigation, dated June 1, 2023, states that the complainant engaged in unlawful activities by fraudulently selling a piece of land belonging to Hassan Alli for twelve million naira and using the proceeds for personal gain. The investigation identifies other individuals involved in the matter as Biola Gabriel, Kehinde Okikiola, and SP Sahabi Abubakar.

In response to a request for a certified copy of the investigation report, court judgment, complainant and suspect statements, and the composite plan regarding the land grabbing and forcible entry case between Chief Moroof Owonla (AKA KAKA) and Alhaji Hassan Alli and others, the report highlights evidence showing that the complainant forcefully gained access to the suspect’s hotel, causing damage to the wall fence, expelling workers on site with the help of thugs, and padlocking the hotel gate without any valid justification. These actions have been ongoing since August 5, 2022, despite the Lagos State High Court, Ikeja nullifying the complainant’s services and employment, prohibiting him from representing himself as an agent or accredited representative on behalf of the family of Late Chief Arimiyau Bello Ekundayo.

Furthermore, the investigation reveals that the complainant personally wrote on the hotel fence, “Certificate of Possession taken- Keep off,” which constitutes an abusive misuse of court processes.

In his petition, the complainant alleged that he was the lawful attorney and accredited representative of the Judgment Creditor in a case (Suit No. ID/1722/92) decided by Justice A. Williams at the High Court of Lagos State on October 29, 2004, in favor of the family of Late Chief Arimiyau Bello Ekundayo. He claimed that the judgment was supported by three Appeal Court orders and a Certificate of Warrant of Possession issued on May 5, 2008, on behalf of his client. He further stated that Alhaji Hassan Alli conspired with thugs to attack him and unlawfully entered his properties using forged title documents, claiming them as genuine on behalf of the family of Late A. A. Soremekun. This led to chaos and his forced eviction from the property he legally acquired through the court judgment.

However, according to the police report, a thorough investigation into the case revealed the following facts: there is a land dispute between the complainant, Chief Moroof Owonla, Ba’ale of Cardoso, Ipaja, Lagos State, and the suspect Hassan Alli, among others. The disputed land, measuring approximately 98.802 acres or 39.985 hectares, is located in Megida, Alaja, Onikanga Area of Igbo-Ilogbu Ayobo town, Lagos State, as depicted in Survey Plan No. OGEK 400/76 dated April 11, 1976, prepared by Surveyor E. A. Akin Ogunbiyi.

Both the complainant and the suspect, Hassan Alli, claim to have been employed as agents to safeguard the family lands against encumbrances. They each hold power of attorney to protect the respective family’s land interests. The complainant presented a purported court judgment (Suit No. 1D/1722/92) dated October 29, 2004, delivered by Hon. Mrs. Justice O. A. Williams, which he argued was in his favor. He initially lodged a complaint at AIG, Force CID, Annex Alagbon Lagos, leading to an investigation and subsequent arrest of suspects who were charged to court. However, Chief Moroof Owonla, the complainant, remains at large.

Upon realizing that the investigation outcome at the Force CID, Alagbon Annex was unfavorable, the complainant, Chief Moroof Owonla, lodged a counter-petition with the Force CID in Abuja against the former investigating police officer, SP Sahab Abubakar, accusing him of bias.

Meanwhile, despite efforts to request an interview with the complainant, Chief Moroof Owonla, he vehemently refused and instead organized a group of thugs who violently attacked the suspect’s hotel, causing severe injury to his right leg toe. Prior to the attack, six suspects were arrested and charged at Chief Magistrate Court 1, Yaba, Lagos, for offenses including conspiracy, disorderly conduct, disturbance of public peace, assault, forcible entry, and conduct likely to cause a breach of peace, all of which have been established against the complainant.

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