NCC CEO Applauds Swedish Government, Ericsson for Strong Partnership In ICT

Danbatta commended the Swedish Government and Ericsson for their unwavering partnership with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in capacity building, strengthening the Commission’s regulatory efforts. Speaking at a workshop hosted by NCC and Swedish partners through the SPIDER program, Danbatta highlighted NCC’s achievements in ICT.

He emphasized NCC’s pivotal role in the West African sub-region and its commitment to adapting to the ever-changing telecommunications landscape. Danbatta also recognized the Swedish Government and SPIDER for their contributions to ICT development, impacting healthcare, education, income generation, and employment opportunities in West Africa.

Danbatta stated that these strategic engagements under SPIDER have made NCC a more effective regulator and will benefit the regional economies and people.

Swedish Ambassador Annika Hahn emphasized the importance of ICT regulation and capacity building for economic and social progress. She praised NCC for fostering collaboration between the two nations and noted Sweden’s historical significance in the ICT sector.

Hahn stressed the need for modern and adaptable regulation to navigate the global technological revolution. She highlighted the role of human capacity building in ICT regulation and how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated ICT adoption worldwide.

The Ambassador mentioned Ericsson’s report of over 900 million mobile subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2022, with a substantial portion in Nigeria. She called for collaboration in knowledge-sharing and up-skilling human resources to drive growth and achieve the goal of over a billion mobile subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2023, with education being a vital part of regulatory development strategies and policies.

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