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My Love For God Is Beyond Ministering- Dr. Chris Okafor

•As Notable Nigerians Gathers To Celebrate Him

Dr Chris Okafor, the founder of Grace Nation aka Liberation City has reinstated his love for God, saying that he can sacrifice anything he have for the work of God.

The Generational Prophet of God added that he sow into the kingdom’s work like no tomorrow, and that is why he can never be broke because he understands the principles of breaking out of Poverty. “Prayers don’t kill poverty but only if you know the Principles of making wealth,” he said.

He made this disclosure on 10th April 2022  at the international headquarters of Grace Nation during a Thanksgiving service held to celebrate his birthday while speaking on the theme:  “THE SECRET OF SUPERNATURAL WEALTH”.

The birthday boy, Dr Chris Okafor who stepped into the church auditorium, glamorously dressed stated further that no child of God should be broke because when you acquire the right knowledge to operate on higher dimensions, Poverty can never know you. Dr Okafor said when you obey God and serve him in truth and Spirit, you can never be broke.

The realm of the Prophetic witnessed deliverances and healings, while the Generational Prophet of God depopulated the kingdom of darkness, making the kingdom of God popular through deliverance.

SYDENEWS reports that notables sons and daughters of the Prophet Worldwide gathered to celebrate the

grace of God upon His servant,  Dr Chris Okafor as he celebrates another birthday in the land of the living, although the actual date of his birthday was 4th April but a special Thanksgiving service was put in place on 10th April 2022 to thank God for his faithfulness upon his servant his life.

The yet to be commission Grace Nation 10,000 church auditorium was full to capacity, decorated with flashy glamorous colour to make the event memorable, ushers, security and protocol were all cutely dress,ready for the commencement of the event, the church children department entertained the congregation mimicking the Sons of the Prophet,and also the Set man Dr Chris Okafor, he was mimicked on how he perform miracles and Deliverance, it was all fun, the Liberation women’s are not left out with there wonderful performance.

The special birthday thanksgiving service was climax with the cutting of the birthday cake by Dr Chris Okafor and families alongside sons and daughters of Grace Nation.

Famous Gospel musician, Gabriel Peter, Liberation voice alongside some comedians made the event remarkable.

Thereafter, a dinner party was held to honour the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor by the mighty Men of Grace Nation, at the church premises, it was glamorous as the birthday boy took to the dance floor alongside sons and daughters of the prophet.

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