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June 12: Nigeria Is Being Handed Over To Generation Of Looters – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)  has discussed that exclusion of best brains in Nigerian Politics through high nomination forms will place Nigeria’s future in the hands of looters.

This is contained in the June 12 message of the ASUU, University of Ibadan signed by its Chairman, Professor Ayoola Akinwole.

According to him, “it is a strategy of handing over the country to those individuals who have looted the country in the past. If this practice goes unchallenged, Nigerians are in for not just another regime of poor governance but that of extreme corruption and looting”.

The ASUU boss stated that it will take a Nigerian Professor who earns 416, 000 per month but saves 20percent of his salary over 100years to be able to purchase presidential nomination form of the ruling party and over 40years to buy the form of the main opposition party.

Professor Akinwole stated that the 23 years of return of democracy has been characterised by “leadership of empty promises and dashed hopes”

“Given the level of prevailing level of corruption and loss of hope in the future, political leaders in Nigeria have shown lack of willingness and capacity and the capacity to protect to protect lives and properties and they have successfully failed in promoting productive activities that can boost the Nigerian economy “

He advised that nothing will change except the country allows equitable distribution of wealth and access to quality education, health and security.

“Until we improve our economic situation democracy will not prosper. The only antidote to this is to have large percentage of middle class sufficient to support democracy. Build public institutions instead of giving money to people. No amount of money freely given will ever eradicate poverty in Nigeria”

ASUU then urged the ruling elites “to shun corruption, greed and primitive accumulation as well as desist from fanning embers and cinders of disunity and violence.

Professor Akinwole advised governments at all levels to provide basic social infrastructure as well as provide employment opportunities in order to reduce poverty and crime.

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